Amerikan Empire:
Living in the Belly of the Beast

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My mission as a writer has always been to turn people on to the "alien sociologist" thought experiment. There are many truths available to anyone with intellectual honesty who is willing to analyze
any societal or political issue through this lens: Ask yourself, "What would an extraterrestrial sociologist report back to its home planet about this situation?"
"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world is my own government."
--Martin Luther King
One of my favorite "aliens" is Caitlin Johnstone, a 47-year-old Australian commentator on American politics. She writes:
The USA is the same empire that is currently circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and waging wars which have killed millions and displaced tens of millions just since the turn of this century. Its sanctions and blockades are starving people to death en masse every single day. It works to destroy any nation which disobeys its dictates by toppling their governments via CIA coups, proxy armies, partial and full-scale invasions, and the most egregious number of election interferences in the entire world, while threatening the entire species with nuclear brinkmanship on multiple fronts.

What the US and its proxies are doing in Yemen alone is orders of magnitude worse than anything Russia is doing in Ukraine. Or what the US is doing in Afghanistan. Or in Venezuela (hunger and deaths from lack of medicine). Or in Syria. In recognizing Israel’s outright annexation of the Golan Heights, the Biden administration has already surpassed Putin’s depravity in Ukraine. Believe it or not, the US-centralized empire supports 73% of the world’s dictatorships.

The dark secret that only the tiniest fraction of Americans are willing to talk about is that America is a Fascist Lite™ empire, controlling our people with TV’s rather than gulags, and giving just enough crumbs to its increasingly large percentage of poor citizens to make revolution unthinkable. And our population, after 3 generations of being grossly under-educated, while annually the US spent more on the military than the next 10 nations combined, is no longer capable of sustaining democracy:

The medieval thinkers in America have reached critical mass, evidenced by the election of idiots and psychopathic clowns, Reagan, Bush2, and Trump, to our highest office. And now we have President Biden, a senile old war criminal, who as a US senator used Bush2’s exact talking points to sell the disastrous invasion of Iraq to his fellow senators and the American people, and who presently, by failing to share COVID-19 vaccine technology and knowhow with poor countries in the global South, is committing a Hitler-level crime, resulting in millions of completely unnecessary deaths. Just as individuals can go insane, so can whole whole nations, and ours, collectively, has.

America is an insane fascist pathological country, the land of ghouls. Our present government, completely owned and controlled by megacorporations and unbridled capitalism, is leading the march of humanity off a cliff, guaranteeing apocalyptic living conditions stemming from global warming for billions of people in less than a generation. Domestically, we have miles of homeless people in every large American city, 2 million people in the world’s largest gulag (our literally torturous prison system), a barbaric healthcare system for the masses, profound systemic racism, insanely primitive and barbaric legalized sexism, and this:

One concern I write about is nuclear power. The left is starting to embrace it. I'm open to it, but against it at this time.

Most people think of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster as Japan's problem, and since we rarely hear about it anymore, it is out of sight and out of mind. Yet pay a tiny bit of attention to this subject -- spend a half hour on line reading about it -- and you realize that this is so obviously a humongous global crisis, and even though the world has seemed to have forgotten about Fukushima, it is actually your problem. Fukushima is like your big toe, infected and becoming gangrenous, and threatening your right leg and eventually your whole body.

In Japan, you will be threatened with prison time if your reveal certain information about it, lest you inconvenience a handful of fabulously rich people by forcing them to deal with the problem properly. It's becoming harder for regular people to discern the truth. If you live in New York, your child could get cancer from eating a tuna sandwich made from a fish that swam too close to the radioactive water pouring through the damaged plant into the ocean by the millions of gallons every day.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I have felt sorry for poor Japan and their infected big toe. But after a bit of research, I learned how incredibly dangerous our own aging Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is, about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Plagued by failures and failed inspections, its cooling pipes go right up to the ocean at sea level and would turn into twisted wreckage during an earthquake or tsunami. The Diablo Canyon plant is nearer to a major active earthquake fault than Fukushima is! Most of California could be destroyed by a nuclear disaster there, and prevailing winds would carry radioactivity across the whole nation. Our billionaire masters have incredible guts to gamble so with our safety just so PG&E can keep its desired profit margin. From an objective view, they are psychopaths.

What would an alien sociologist report about the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant? Keep in mind that we live on a planet that is constantly deluged with free renewable energy from the Sun, wind, tides, rivers, and geothermal sites! What kind of energy systems and healthcare programs could we have developed with the $8 trillion Bush the Second, son of oil millionaire Bush the First, stole from American working people (and even from their unborn children who will still be paying down the debt for these wars well into their 40's) to invade, occupy, destroy, and permanently control oil-rich Afghanistan and Iraq?

Another interest of mine is WTC 7. Have you ever even heard of World Trade Center Building 7? Most Amerikans haven't! On 9/11, this 47-story building, just across the street from the Twin Towers, fell perfectly straight down, symmetrically into its own footprint, at free-fall speed. This building was not hit by an airplane. Its 89 structural cement-clad steel columns collapsed instantly and simultaneously despite the fact that there were only localized office fires on 4 floors. It was the only skyscraper (steel framed tall building) in history to ever fall from fire. I'm not a conspiracy nut, but after you see this fun Tom Petty song about it, you'll realize that there is definitely something very strange about this. Dan Rather and I both realized, in real time, that it looked exactly like a controlled demolition. If so, and if our government was in any way complicit, the housecleaning that would take place could truly be profound and transformative!

Want to watch America become obese right before your eyes?

Do you believe in the Holocaust, the Vietnam Holocaust? Look! Does Amerika show remorse or contrition? No! Instead, Amerika creates a new Vietnam War and new millions of dead people in the Middle East! And now a proxy war in Ukraine!

The American healthcare system is barbaric. I write frequently about this on Quora.

And of course one of my biggest causes is to free people from primitive Iron Age religions. One of my very best essays is entitled, "Earth is Spherical and Religion is Over".

Now an actual nuclear war is in progress in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are both using* nuclear weapons in the form of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe to play an insane game of chicken that could result in 5 billion deaths and a planet on which "the living will envy the dead". Rusia is using the plant to protect its artillery, and Ukraine is shelling nearby recklessly. Here is a nice listing of the known close calls at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant:
A large caliber bullet had pierced an outer wall of Reactor No. 4 but, most worrying and not disclosed at the time, an artillery shell had struck an electrical transformer at Reactor No. 6, which was filled with flammable cooling oil, plant employees subsequently learned and told The New York Times. Both reactors were active.
“By happy coincidence, it didn’t burn,” said an engineer, Oleksiy, who insisted that his last name not be publicly disclosed out of security concerns.
Five months later, with artillery fire once again striking the plant, the specter of a possible nuclear catastrophe has gripped the world’s attention. Urgent negotiations are taking place to try to arrange a visit by experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“Russian snipers take positions on the roofs of the station’s buildings,” was the message sent to Olha, the engineer. “The employees are literally working at gunpoint.”
*This is a nuclear war. When you use a gun to rob a 7-Eleven, it's still using a gun whether you pull the trigger or not.

I write a lot about our biggest enemy, the enemy within: our own government. It should be clear to all of us, but because of actual mass brainwashing by the corporate owned media, and the resulting mass psychosis, it's not. If not for brilliant, free-thinking aliens like Caitlin Johnstone and Chris Hedges, I think I would be horribly alone in the world, almost exactly analogous to being stuck for life inside of a zombie movie. For the simplest proof, just look at this graph

... and check out this ultimate Matrix-red-pill article by Chris Hedges, written 2020/09/04: "Let’s Stop Pretending America Is A Functioning Democracy"! It will blow your mind!

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