We the People?


these people?


My first Web site, on line since 1993, was about zen and yoga. I didn't think political progress was possible until people became more enlightened.

Unfortunately, zen and the concept of raising one's consciousness became more and more of a joke in our culture, so I moved to a direct approach: m
y second site was very political. My blog is political. Because I have a soon-to-be draft-aged son, I felt it was a matter of life and death that McCain (loser, crashed 5 American planes, graduated at the bottom of his class of 800 at Annapolis) and Palin (moron) be defeated, so I campaigned hard for Obama. (Continue reading below.)

Sarah Palin bumper sticker on my neighbor's truck

Sarah Palin 2012 bumper sticker    Bush/Cheney 04 Bumper Sticker

Now that Obama is President, it seems like a case of "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss," and I realize that America can never change, never reach its potential, until we deal with our biggest problem: the people with peasant mentality living among us.

71 percent of the American people approved of George W. Bush in 2003 when, without any provocation, he launched cruise missiles (like flying car bombs) into the densely crowded city of Baghdad, beginning his invasion of Iraq, a country so weak it wasn't even a threat to its neighbors. These Americans fell for his obvious lies and fear mongering, his blatant manipulation of language. A million innocent people have died because of this mistake, and about five million more have been made refugees, displaced from their homes and their home towns.

According to an August 2006 Zogby poll, only two in five Americans know that we have three branches of government and can name them. A 2006 National Geographic poll showed that six in ten young people (aged 18 to 24) could not find Iraq on the map.

Sixty percent of us don't understand evolution. These people believe that we humans appeared here in our present form less than 10 thousand years ago! This kind of thinking was excusable in the Dark Ages, but not now, not when chemistry, biology/genetics, and geology all independently back up evolution, which is a theory only in the sense that gravity is a theory. There is no excuse. About 63 percent of Americans believe that God wrote a book and that the Bible is literally true.

So I don't have a clue what to do about these people. During the American Civil War, the "bad guys" (depending upon one's perspective) lived in a specific geographical location, but now we're rubbing shoulders with them. The Red Team and the Blue Team are intermixed geographically, socially, and economically. Fighting the Red Team would be exceedingly messy, and these Bushites and Palin lovers might win, since they seem to be into killing as a first method of solving disputes.

I hate to say it, but these people have blood on their hands. By touching the screens of electronic voting machines to choose Bush in 2004, they were killing children in the Middle East just as surely as those guys in that US military facility in Las Vegas do when they move their joysticks to control killer drones thousands of miles away in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It's not just Republicans. The Clinton administration admits to killing more children in Iraq with its "sanctions" than were killed in Japan by the dropping of two atom bombs.

So, my approach now is two pronged: 1) wake people up politically, and 2) start the ball rolling so that fundamentalist religion will soon, in perhaps two more generations, be seen as archaic and taboo as cannibalism, slavery, foot binding, and torture are today. I dare any "Christian" to read Sam Harris' short (86 tiny pages with largish print) New York Times Bestseller Letter to a Christian Nation with an open mind. Suspend disbelief until the end. I promise you that your insane, pathological, childish, ghoulish religion will be nuked by this wonderful, exciting, brilliant little book.

Jeff Syrop