[Get Enlightened]
What are you waiting for?

Uh, I'd rather not get enlightened right now.
[Later . . .]

[The Book (On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are)]
Alan Watts' The Book (On the Taboo Against  Knowing Who You Are)

American Terrorism During My Lifetime

The Unfinished 20th Century
by Jonathan Schell, 
perhaps the most important
Millennium  essay
you will ever read
[The Unfinished 20th Century]

[White-Knuckle Zen]
White-Knuckle Zen—Please read my bizarre little novel—it was my thesis in grad school!  It's short and fun.

Our Founding Fathers on Religion
(If you are a typical American Christian, these guys are probably your heroes. Read what these brilliant men thought about your religion.)

[The New World Order]
My Persian Gulf War One Story,
"The New World Order"

My Father's Book Presented via my
Brother's Windows Program

[Green Rests the Eyes]
Amazing poetry by G. Eugene DeWitt

Story about a Dad, His Son, and Marijuana!
[George's Rainbow]

[Richmond Storefront Churches
Storefront Churches in Richmond, CA



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