Bay City News Report    Friday, July 23, 1999 
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Richmond police say a man walking his dog in a Richmond field found a dead 
infant who was face-down and wrapped in a blue and white bedspread. 

Detective Phyllis Stuckey said the man looked under the blanket which was 
in a field in the 100 block of West Ohio Avenue yesterday morning, after 
his dog apparently smelled something there. 

Stuckey said the baby girl appeared to be only a few days old and her 
umbilical cord was still attached. She said since the body had been out in 
the elements for a couple of days, the baby's race was not immediately 

Officers are asking anyone with information about a "suspicious pregnancy 
that just disappeared" to contact them at (510) 620-6625 or 620-6612. 

Stuckey said that investigators found no obvious trauma on the baby's body 
and are treating the incident as an unexplained death at least until an 
autopsy is completed today. 

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